apple cake

März 4, 2016

Having coffee time around 4 pm was very common in former times … and due to the overload of apples in germany(it is the only home-grown-fruit which is available all over the year) very often an apple cake was served. Here one of the various apple cake receipes: mix and prepare a dough out of […]

potato salad modern style

potato salad – modern style

Oktober 8, 2015

Germans love potatoes – in every style. One of the most common dishes I know is potato salad. We have thousands of variations… here a potato salad in a very modern style I like to prepare:   400 gramm potatos (cuttet in slices) – if prefered you can even leave the skin on it 1/2 […]


vegetable stock

September 26, 2015

Within many German recipes a powder for chicken or vegetable stock is used. I will show you a very easy recipe for a vegan vegetable stock which is so easy to produce that you really have to give it a try: Just take your favourite vegetables – as always: everything is allowed as long as […]


Onion butter

September 5, 2015

Germans love bread and they love butter. Personally I can not imagine a barbecue without at least one adjusted butter…. and in any case: bread. Therefore – here one of my favourite recipes: