Cuxhaven harbour cruise – even with seals

By New German kitchen, Oktober 12, 2015

Today I wanna show you some pictures of my Cuxhaven harbour cruise.

cuxhafen harbour cruise

cruise ship in front of the Cuxhaven skyline

The first – and from my point of view most important stop – have been the seals. As long as possible they are relaxing on a sandbank. As soon as the high tide overflows the sandbank they have to swim until the low tide sets the sandbank free again. This picture was taken shortly before the sandbank was over flooded. In respect of the privacy of the seals and especially in order not to drive them off their sandbank we keept a huge distance to them.

Cuxhafen harbour cruise with seals

Seals on a sandbank

I recognized hat every ferry I show you is getting bigger than before; so no surprise that in Cuxhaven the oversea truck ferries are taking off.

cuxhafen harbour cruise

oversea truck ferry

More than one dockyard exists in order to repair ships whenever needed

cuxhafen harbour cruise


Wherever so much issues are going on on the water the police needs to go different ways as usual. Surely they need their own boats:

cuxhafen harbour cruise

Cuxhaven police

This counts for the fire brigade as well:

cuxhafen harbour cruise

fire brigade ship


What do you think?

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