Lake Phoenix – making the ugly beautiful

August 14, 2016

20 years before one of the most ugly places in German Ruhr Area was the place of steel producing in Dortmund. Big smoke clouds turned the heaven and their dust everything else dirty. After shut down of this business and ignoring the ground for a few years some people made something very beautiful out of […]


Klimahaus Bremerhaven … a journey around the world along 8° East

Oktober 18, 2015

In Klimahaus Bremerhaven we have been able to do a journey around the world along the eight degree of longitude…and it really has been the one of the best museum experiences I ever had. We started with a simulated train journey to swiss.   Within swiss a lot of typical attractions have been waiting for […]


Cuxhaven harbour cruise – even with seals

Oktober 12, 2015

Today I wanna show you some pictures of my Cuxhaven harbour cruise. The first – and from my point of view most important stop – have been the seals. As long as possible they are relaxing on a sandbank. As soon as the high tide overflows the sandbank they have to swim until the low […]


sunrise impressions

Oktober 5, 2015

sunrises are so beyond words that I just like to show the pictures from cuxhafen:


ferry ride while Elbe river crossing

September 20, 2015

On our trip to Cuxhaven we did – after our trip over the middle Rhine area – another ferry ride. This time we had an river Elbe crossing e for 4.5 kilometers (2,800 Miles) and 25 minutes between Wischhafen and Glueckstadt. The ferries over there are quite big; Within 250 metres (270 yards) and 3 […]


coast sitting in beach chairs

September 12, 2015

Not sure weather somewhere apart from the north of Germany beach chairs are hirable. In this area beach chairs are not ordinary chairs which are put in the sand, coast sitting is different over there:


castle countryside

August 30, 2015

Beside the very famous castles and palaces like Neuschwanstein there are all over the countryside little ones… and one of them I visited this week: Schloss (=castle) Paffendorf.


some middle Rhine impressions…

Juni 21, 2015

Here some German river Rhine impressions; this time we visited the middle Rhine area.