Curd (Quark)

By New German kitchen, März 21, 2015

in German recipes we like to use Curd (Quark). But what to do if this is hardly available?

As easy as that: Make your own one. As we trend is anyhow going into the vegan direction I have a good replacement for you:

The only things you need is nuts, flaxseed (preferably as powder)  and lemon juice – that’s all. No need to search for curd any more :)

So here the exact recipe:

50 g nuts (I used cashews, other ones like almonds or macadamia should be also fine), at least 4 hours soaked within water
1 Soup spoon flaxseed powder, 2 hours soaked within 100 ml water
1 Tea spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

So just take the nuts (without the water), the water with the flaxseed and the lemon juice, mix it for 1 minute and curd is ready for further preparation!

Here a comparison with the the original:


As you might see from the picture I used the whole flaxseed… powder is hardly available in Germany. Therefore it makes sense to use a stronger mixer than I used.. otherwise flaxseed chunks remain and disturb the feeling within your mouth a little bit.

Beside this – the fake curd has a diferent kind of sourish and is a little bit more nuttily (sure, what else) but from my point of view it is a good replacement.


What do you think?

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